2020 Lunar PSR Challenge Dates

Date Deliverable
September 27, 2019Deadline to submit a Notice of Intent
October 8, 2019Deadline to submit questions for Q&A session
Click here to submit questions for the Q&A session
October 15, 2019Q&A Session for interested teams (3 PM EST)
January 16, 2020Deadline to submit Proposal and Video online via online upload tool
February 14, 2020Teams are notified of their selection status
Late February 2020First installment of stipends sent as appropriate
May 12, 2020Mid-Project Report Deadline
May 27, 2020Teams are notified of pass/fail status
Early June 2020Second installment of stipends sent as appropriate
October 1, 2020Deadline for Forum Registration & Hotel Reservations
November 29, 2020Technical Paper & Proof-of-Concept Demonstration Files Submission Deadline
(TBD)2020 BIG Idea Challenge Forum