2018 Competition

2018 BIG Idea Interns

Left to right: Eric Robinson, Laurie King, Nicholas Glascock-Illescas, Charlene Huyler, Tyler Azure

2018 BIG Idea Interns' Final Presentation

2018 Themes Document

BIG Idea Flyer Image

2018 Competing Universities

A quick summary of all 2018 BIG Idea Finalists, created by judge Richard Pappa.
2018 Quick Description of Finalist Concepts

2018 Competition Judges

      Robert Hodson, NASA Langley Research Center
      Richard Pappa, NASA Langley Research Center
      Fred Elliot, NASA Glenn Research Center
      Lee Mason, NASA Glenn Research Center
      Jeremiah McNatt, NASA Glenn Research Center
      Bao Hoang, Space Systems Loral (SSL)

2018 Competition Articles, Media & Press Releases