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2019 BIG Idea Interns

Published Summer Intern Research Paper:
2019 Mars Ice Home Use Case - CYBELE Advanced Concept of Operations

2019 Game-Changing Development Program Interns from left to right: Alexa Escalona (BIG Idea), Sheila Baber (BIG Idea), Eva Birtell (BIG Idea), Connor Dolan (LARS), Carter Swift (MN Space Grant), Benjamin Greaves (BIG Idea), Kayla Schang (MN Space Grant), Kaixin Cui (BIG Idea)

2019 Competing Universities

2019 BIG Idea Student Design Descriptions

2019 Competition Judges

      Kevin Kempton, NASA Langley Research Center
      Molly Anderson, NASA HQ/Johnson Space Center
      Dr. Dan Barta, NASA Johnson Space Center
      Christina Ciardullo, SEArch+
      Dr. Robert "Bob" Moses, NASA Langley Research Center
      Dr. Ray Wheeler, NASA Kennedy Space Center
      Melodie Yashar, SEArch+

2019 Challenge Resources


Mars Ice Home talk by Kevin Kempton

Graham, Thomas & Wheeler, Ray, "Ice Home Mars Habitat Concept of Operations (ConOps)," 2017

Mars Ice Home Risk Reduction Paper

NASA Technology Roadmaps, "TA 6: Human Health, Life Support, and Habitation Systems"

Thomas Graham, Raymond Wheeler, "Mechanical Stimulation Modifies Canopy Architecture and Improves Volume Utilization Efficiency in Bell Pepper: Implications for Bioregenerative Life-support and Vertical Farming," 2017

Bret Drake, "Human Exploration of Mars Design Reference Architecture 5.0," 2009

Raymond Wheeler, "Potato and Human Exploration of Space: Some Observations from NASA-Sponsored Controlled Environment Studies," 2006

Wheeler, Ray & Mackowiak, Cheryl & Stutte, Gary & Yorio, "Crop productivities and radiation use efficiencies for bioregenerative life support," 2008

Raymond Wheeler, "Agriculture for Space: People and Places Paving the Way" 2017

Raymond Wheeler, "Advances in Potato Chemistry and Technology, Chapter 17: Potatoes for Human Life Support in Space" 2009

JM Clawson and A Hoen, "Global Estimates of the Photosynthetically Active Radiation at the Mars Surface" 2005

Clawson, Hoehn and Maute, "Materials for Transparent Inflatable Greenhouses" 2003

Rygalov, Fowler, Wheeler, Bucklin, "Water Cycle and its Management for Plant Habitats at Reduced Pressures" 2004

Fowler, Yeralan, Rygalov, Wheeler, Dixon, "Monitoring and Control for Artificial Climate Design" 2002

Bucklin, Drysdale, Fowler, Wheeler "Low Pressure Greenhouse Concepts for Mars: Atmospheric Composition" 2002

Clawson & Hoen, Wheeler "Inflatable Transparent Structures for Mars Greenhouse Applications" 2005

Ries, Bockstahler, Higgins, Atkinson, Lewandowski, Gjestvang, Frey, Clawson, Klaus "RedThumb: A Mars Greenhouse design for the 2002 MarsPort Engineering Design Student Competition" 2003

Falcon 9 Launch Vehicle Payload User’s Guide

Advanced Planetary Protection Technologies for the Proposed Future Mission Set

Exposure Guidelines (SMACs & SWEGs)

Human Integration Design Handbook

Preparing for the High Frontier: The Role and Training of NASA Astronauts in the Post-Space Shuttle Era

NASA Space Flight Human-System Standard Volume 2: Human Factors, Habitability, And Environmental Health

The Fission System Gateway to Abundant Power for Exploration

Vegetable Production System (Veggie)

NASA's Evolvable Mars Campaign

Nutritional Biochemistry of Spaceflight

Space Nutrition (5-8 Grade book written by some of the same authors of Nutritional Biochemistry of Spaceflight)


NASA Glenn Research Center Fuel Cell Systems Estimated Goals


Some of these resources may be helpful to students participating in the 2019 Challenge.

Tom Kerslake, "Solar Electric Power System Analyses for Mars Surface Missions," 1999

Robert Cataldo, "Power Requirements for NASA Mars Design Reference Architecture 5.0," 2009

Mars landing site concept animation, "Mars Exploration Zones," 2015

Michelle Rucker, “Human Mars Mission Power Architectures,” Space Power Workshop, Manhattan Beach, CA, April 2017

Richard Pappa and Tom Kerslake, “Mars Surface Solar Arrays,” Future In-Space Operations (FISO) telecon seminar with recorded audio, June 7, 2017

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